Koppla upp dig med oss du också!. Vi jobbar tillsammans som egenanställd. Inom Rut arbete, inom Event, Coaching och Kunskap och Kultur.

Welcome to our community of Dreamers with our feet on the Ground! Learn a little more Video press HERE

Have you noticed that fixed job is no longer and easy thing to achieve. Have you seriously thought about to protect your incomes in the future to come.

Do you know when a robot or machine take over your current job?

We are here to educate and help the ones willing to wake up to the 4th Industrial Revolution and learn how to adapt to this change. KuliosaKuriosa Video Here

We use modern ways to get income, passive income, side income. Personal branding. Networking and work together but at the same time as entrepreneors in innovative ways. 

We welcome you to come with us as a member, sign up! We give you access to our member pages where you find more information and are welcome to internal education some free and some with a important reduction for members. 

When you sign up to work with us in upcoming projects or as and entrepreneor you will be employed and have all legal papers in order through our collaboration with Cool Company. 

It cost 10 e a year to form part of our network. As a member you can benefit with our Culture activities as well !


We work with Solid Economic plattforms like SEN Social Economical Networkers as well. More info HERE